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Albany DJ Wedding Planning Videos__________________


Congratulations on Your Wedding Engagement!

Now it is time to enjoy planning your wedding! DANCIN' TIME is passionate about providing our Albany region wedding couples with complete wedding planning information that is easy, helpful and entertaining. Please contact us with any suggestions, comments and reviews on Facebook.

This video is a very helpful overview for planning your wedding.

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Wedding Reception Styles / Albany Wedding DJ / Albany DJ / DJ Albany

Wedding receptions are an age old tradition brought about as a way to thank your guests for attending your wedding and for their wedding gifts. The wedding reception you choose to host is only limited by your imagination. The most popular types of wedding receptions are buffet receptions, full-service dinners, cocktail receptions and brunch receptions.

Buffet Reception

A buffet reception refers to a wedding dinner in which guests leave their seats to serve themselves and then take their seats to eat. Similar to buffet restaurants, buffet-style wedding receptions can either have a pre-determined seating arrangement or they can allow for guests to choose the table of their choice.

The buffet-style reception dinner is arranged with a variety of foods - just like a restaurant buffet. Typically salads, soups and appetizers appear first in line, followed by breads and buns, rice, vegetables and finally by meats or entrée dishes. Desserts usually appear after dinner is complete on a newly laid table alongside coffee and tea.

Typically an emcee or DJ will be responsible for announcing the order of tables, so that chaos can be avoided at the buffet table. Typically, the buffet food line will start with the bride and groom, followed by the maid of honor and best man, then other attendants, parents and guests. Weddings with a large number of guests often have two or more buffet stations at either end of the reception venue so that the wait in line is shorter. Buffet-style receptions can be served by servers stationed at each dish or they can be self-served so that guests can help themselves to their desired portions.

Along the same lines as the buffet reception is the food station reception. Food stations refer to smaller buffet tables which are set up around the perimeter of the reception venue, each showcasing a different theme or type of food such as sushi, Mexican foods, cheese and crackers, a salad table, a fresh seafood collection or carved prime rib.

Many couples choose to decorate each food station with different decorations in order to display their unique foods - for example Japanese paper fans for the sushi table and mini sombreros and pietas for the Mexican food station. Food stations generally are manned by chefs carving meats, serving hot foods from heated trays or sautéing vegetables right in front of your guest's hungry eyes.

Dinner Reception

Wedding receptions with full-service dinners, or sit down dinners as they are sometimes called, customarily take place between 6 pm and 9 pm in the evening hours.

Traditionally a cocktail hour proceeds the sit-down dinner, during which time wait staff circulate the room with champagne and hors d'oeuvres, while guests mingle and await the bridal party's return from taking wedding pictures. The cocktail hour typically lasts between 1-hour and 1½ hours.

Full-service receptions are considered more of a formal affair, compared to buffet receptions. At most full-service receptions wait staff serve each table for the duration of the meal and guests are not expected to leave their seats to help themselves to food. Even though sit-down dinners can cost a great deal more than buffet dinners guests are often served more quickly and more efficiently at full-service receptions.

Full-service wedding receptions can also take more organization then buffet receptions. The majority of sit-down wedding receptions will have a well-thought out Seating Plan, and seated wedding receptions with 100 or more, guests will find their seats more easily if your seating plan is posted at the entrance of the reception room and printed place cards are placed at each seat.

Planning also comes into play with the dinner menu, which can consist of many courses. The proper order of dinner courses is typically as follows:

    *Appetizer with first bottle of wine (one white, one red).
    *Baskets of dinner rolls or breads
    *Entree with second bottle of wine
    *Dessert with after-dinner coffee or tea

Please keep in mind that in many cultures the order of dinner courses can differ slightly.

The timing for the cutting of the wedding cake can also differ according to custom. At many sit down dinner receptions the cake is cut and served as the desert after the meal. However, it's not uncommon for newlyweds to cut the cake 1 to 2-hours before the end of the reception.

Cocktail Receptions

When budget is a concern, many wedding professionals recommend the cocktail reception as a classy evening alternative to the buffet style reception or a sit-down dinner.

Cocktail receptions, where no dinner is follows, generally take place between 6 pm and 7:30 pm in the evening. This timeframe will allow for guests to have their own dinner before arriving.

Cocktail receptions are fairly formal events. They call for dressy attire for women and black tie or business dress for men. Cocktail receptions encourage mingling, since guests stand for most of the party. However, small tables, chairs and sometime couches are set up in order for guests, especially elderly guests, to rest. Cocktail receptions can also include dancing if your reception venue has the space to allow it.

Cocktail receptions are perfect for newlyweds looking to have an elegant affair, without spending a fistful of dollars. The cocktail reception is the perfect affair to be held in an art gallery, in a funky studio loft, on outdoor terraces underneath the stars or in landscaped garden surrounded with patio lanterns.

In order to keep the bar tab low many cocktail receptions serve only champagne, wine and beer and maybe a few other specialty mixed drinks and punches. When throwing a cocktail reception, champagne, wine, alcoholic punch, beer and all other drinks should be provided free of charge to your guests. A cocktail reception with a cash bar is poor etiquette.

Hot and cold hors d'oeuvres may also be served to your guests by wait staff or set out on for self-serve on buffet tables at a cocktail reception. The wedding cake is cut immediately after the wedding ceremony and receiving line. This way guests can enjoy a piece of the wedding cake along with their champagne, hors d'oeuvres and desserts - if they are provided.

Brunch Reception

Brunch receptions are held following a morning wedding ceremony at 9 am or 10 am in the morning hours. Wedding brunches are more economical then dinner receptions and can be either seated or buffet-style affairs.

The wedding brunch menu normally features an assortment of fresh fruit, breakfast pastries, bagels and muffins, yogurt, fresh backed croissants and rolls, mini breakfast quiches, cold cuts and cheese, as well as coffee, tea and fresh juice. Some newlywed couples go all out by featuring an omelet or crepe bar, complete with a chef whipping them up fresh for guests. Alcoholic beverages, such as champagne, champagne punch, morning glories (champagne and orange juice), wine spritzers, screwdrivers or bloody Mary's are also popular options.

Comparable in price to the brunch reception are the following:

    *Buffet Lunch Receptions - either sit-down or buffet style. Luncheon wedding receptions are typically held in the late morning or early afternoon hours, between noon and 2 pm. Buffet lunch menus can include various green, pasta, fruit and potato salads, skewers of chicken or shrimp, vegetables with dip, smoked salmon and crackers, and a variety of sandwiches, cold cuts and cheeses.

    *Tea Receptions - should not be held during mealtime, so anytime between 2 pm and 5 pm in the afternoon is adequate. Tea receptions are generally dry affairs, serving coffee, tea, espresso, cappuccino and fruit punches, although some tea receptions do feature champagne and wine. Tea sandwiches and finger foods such as cookies, crackers and cheese often make the menu.

The wedding cake is customarily cut and served at brunch receptions, buffet lunch receptions and tea receptions. Read more at ... http://wedding101.bridalonlinestore.com/

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