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Albany DJ Frequently Asked Questions______


What is your service area?

DANCIN’ TIME DJ & Entertainment Services are available within a 150 mile radius of Albany, NY. We have entertained weddings and parties from Poughkeepsie to Lake Placid and from Pittsfield, MA to Oneonta, NY. There is a small travel fee for over 75 miles.

How long have you been DJing weddings?

DJ Dancin’ David has been DJing weddings since 1997. He started DJing Albany Weddings in 2001 when he move here to live near his girlfriend and now wife. DJ Dancin' Dawn has been DJing weddings since 2002.

How far in advance do we need to schedule the DJ?

Like all of your other wedding professionals it is a good idea to book your DJ at least 12 months before your wedding date. This is especially true for dates in spring, summer and fall when most of the weddings are happening in the Albany area.

Do you have the music that my guests and I want to hear?

Yes. We have over 20,000 songs and our library is updated every month with the top hits. In addition, we are happy to play songs that the bride and groom has requested  before their wedding day. Also, we are happy to take requests at the reception. You can also provide us with a do not play list. Song listing.

How and when do we pay for DJ Services?

DJ’s will reserve your wedding date when they receive a deposit. At DANCIN’ TIME we ask for one-third of the price of the services. The balance can be paid any time up and until the day of your wedding. We accept cash, check or credit card. We accept cash or check on the day of the event for the balance due. You can make payments up until the date of your event when the entire balance is due.

Is there a sales tax on top of your DJ fee?


Am I paying for travel and set-up time or just for the hours of the event?

With DANCIN’ TIME DJ Services you only pay for the hours we are entertaining you and your guests. For events more than 75 miles from Albany there is a small travel fee.

How are DANCIN' TIME DJ's different from other DJ's.

We are DJ and dance entertainers. We are your events' coordinator, MC, DJ and dance motivator all rolled into one. We are all about entertaining your guests throughout the entire event.

DANCIN' TIME DJ's are known for there ability to connect and motivate any age group to dance and participate throughout the entire event. We are out on the dance floor dancing with you and your guests. We love to interact in a playful and fun manor with everyone at your event. In addition to engaging you and your guests in the most popular dances, we show everyone how to Swing, Salsa, Tango and more. We also teach wedding dance lessons. This is an extraordinary benefit to you in terms of confidence when you are doing your first dance, because we are right there with you.

DJ Dancin' David and Dawn are professional ballroom dance teachers and performers.

Does your DJ's take breaks during the event?

DANCIN' TIME DJ's do not take breaks. They will play music and entertain you and your guests from the start time to the end time.

Should we provide a meal for the event professionals?

It is a good idea to make arrangements to make sure all your event professionals have a meal. DANCIN' TIME DJ's arrive at least 1 hour before your event starts. If you take into account travel and set up time until try down of all the equipment, your DJ has been working anywhere from 7-10 hours straight. I promise the generosity will be much appreciated.

What is the difference between a DJ and a band?

Bands usually cost 2 to 3 times more than a DJ. Band members take breaks. Bands usually do not have the same versatility with what songs they play and when.

Do you have dance motivators and assistants?

Yes we do. DJ Dancin' David and Dawn are professional ballroom dance teachers and performers. We also have additional dance motivators and assistants who attend events when required or requested.

How much does DANCIN’ TIME DJ service cost?

Approximate range $400 to $2000. The price of our DJ services are dependant upon the location, day of the week of your event and type of event in addition to several other factors. For venues where music is required in more than one room we charge according to the number of sound systems we bring to fill each room with music.

Can we meet to the person who will be DJing our wedding?

Yes. Initially you will speak with Dawn about your wedding details, date, time location and others. Next you will meet with David or Dawn face to face to get to know each other and plan the details of your wedding day. Depending on the day and time and your needs either David or Dawn will be the DJ at your wedding.

Can we come to see an event where DANCIN’ TIME DJ’s is playing?

Because of the large volume of requests we receive to drop in on a private event we are DJing, we are not able to allow anyone to do this. We encourage you to watch our demo video and read our testimonials. We also have references you can speak with upon request. On occasion we do DJ public events that you may come to.

How do we reserve DANCIN’ TIME DJ services?

After meeting with us and making sure we are a good fit for your celebration we sign an agreement and you provide a deposit.

What if our DJ is sick or worse and cannot DJ our event?

At DANCIN’ TIME we have two DJ’s that will be intimately aware of the details of your event. If for some reason, this has not happened in the 12 years we have been DJing, that neither of us is available at the last minute due to illness, we have a network of other experienced DJ’s in the region to call upon.

What if we need to cancel or postpone our event?

If you need to cancel or postpone your event we appreciate being notified as soon as possible. We will retain the deposit if the event is cancelled. If your event is rescheduled due to an emergency we may be willing to put the deposit towards the rescheduled event.

What is the role of a DJ at my wedding?

The DJ plays many roles at every event. He or she is responsible for making sure everything goes smoothly and making sure the bride and groom enjoy a worry free experience. Here are some of the areas your DJ is focused on throughout your wedding reception.

Keep everything flowing. Timing. Energy. Engagement. Project Manager. Customer service. Safety. Selecting Music. Interfacing with Banquet Manager, Photographer, Videographer. Announcements.

Handling unexpected occurrences – If someone gets hurt or a glass breaks on the dance floor.

The flow of your Albany Wedding reception starts with timing the schedule of events. Your Albany Wedding DJ Professional will go over this schedule with you at your initial Wedding Planning meeting. Your schedule will be determined by your interests, the banquet hall’s interests and your DJ’s recommendations. The top considerations are when will the food be ready and maintaining an engaged atmosphere.

As you can imagine timing of the food is key to having a great meal and great service. If the food is delayed your guests could be hungry or worse it could get cold, although this rarely happens. The banquet hall kitchen is a food making factory with precise timing. Your DJ will be watching the clock and communicating with the banquet manager and the bride and groom to ensure everything goes as planned.

Here is a one example of an event schedule that we find works well for most Albany weddings that we DJ. There are other successful ways to plan a great schedule of events.

  • 4:00-4:30 Ceremony (off-site)

  • 4:30 – 5:00 Travel time

  • 5:00-5:45 Cocktail Hour

  • 5:45-6:00 Introductions

  • 6:00-6:15 First Dance, Bridal Party Dance and Toasts

  • 6:15-7:15 Dinner (The dinner time is dependant on number of guests and the speed of the banquet hall. Buffet dinners usually take less time than sit down dinners)

  • 7:15-7:25 Parent Dances

  • 7:25-8:00 Open Dancing

  • 8:00 Anniversary Dance and or Dollar Dance (It is good to get these in early in the evening so the older guests can easily participate)

  • 8:30 Cake Cutting

  • 9:00 Garter and Bouquet

  • 9:10-11:00 Open Dancing

This is a good schedule for a six hour wedding reception from 5-11:00 pm.

Generally weddings held on a Friday start a little later and weddings held on Sunday start a little earlier to allow for travel time.

Your DJ will make sure that the photographer, videographer and banquet hall are all in place and ready to go before beginning the introduction of the Bridal Party. If you are having a Champaign toast, your DJ will also check to make sure the Champaign is poured before the Bridal Party introductions.

Prior to introducing the Bridal party the banquet manager will gather the Bridal party in a separate room or hallway. Your DJ will then line up your Bridal party reviewing their name pronunciations one more time and ensuring the proper order. Feel free to ask your DJ to pronounce the name exactly as you would like it to be said. You can also ask for Nicknames or fun comments at this time.

Your wedding DJ will give the Bridal Party instructions on where to walk when your name is called and weather or not to go to your table or stand on the dance floor during the rest of the introductions. Typically the parents of the Bride and Groom go to their tables while the rest of the Bridal party stands on the dance floor while the Bride and Groom dance their first dance. Sometimes the Bridal Party joins in the first dance after the Bride and Groom have danced for two minutes or have finished their routine. On other occasions the Bridal Party joins the bride and groom on the dance floor for a second song. You can also choose to have the rest of the guests join the Bridal Party on the dance floor.

The DJ or banquet manager should also make sure that everyone in your Bridal party has put down their cigarette or drink before the introductions begin.

Then the DJ will leave the gathering room and get your guests warmed up for the Bridal Party introductions. The banquet hall manager will walk your Bridal Party to the entrance of the banquet room. I suggest the Bridal party stay just out of site until their name is called. Once your name is called walk slowly onto the dance floor and then to your table or to your spot on the dance floor where the DJ suggested. Sometimes the photographer may ask you to stop and pose for a picture.

Here is a good order for the Bridal Party Introductions

  • Grandparents of the Bride and Groom (If are not able to walk, they can be recognized at their tables)

  • Parents of the Bride and Groom

  • Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

  • Junior Bridesmaids and Ushers

  • Bridesmaids and Ushers

  • Maid or Matron of Honor and Best Man

  • Bride and Groom

Some important Wedding Day Schedule Considerations

One of the first questions we ask our wedding couples is what is the distance and timing between the ceremony and banquet location, the time of day and the age of your attendees.

We recommend a half hour or less between the end of the wedding ceremony and the start of the cocktail hour. Cocktail hour should be an hour with introductions and first dance near the end of cocktail hour. It is common to have longer cocktail hours but we find an hour works well and makes sure that your wedding guests get some food in their stomach with their alcohol.



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