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Good News: Your school can receive partial funding for our ballroom dance programs through BOCES Arts in Education Program. Details at

"Dawn and David are right in step with kids and their parents. Their Latin dance program was exceptional in all respects. This attractive duo provided a most dramatic and highly polished performance. A contagious "come one, come all" atmosphere pervaded the dance lessons that were remarkably easy to follow. Even those who were initially self-conscious quickly joined in. Smoothly integrated into the presentation were background notes on the origin of the  Latin dances. Families went away bubbling over with genuine excitement, requesting that we bring David and Dawn back to our library. One mother told us that this event was "the most fun I have had in years." Staff were equally impressed".
Beverly A. Provost-Head of Youth Services-Bethlehem Public Library, Delmar, NY


Zoller Elementary Ballroom Dance Video

DANCIN' TIME K-12 School Dance Programs

What people are saying about DANCIN' TIME's school educational programs

DANCIN’ TIME is a husband and wife team of Dancin’ David and Dancin’ Dawn. We have been providing music and dance lessons for special events since 1997. “What time is it?…it’s DANCIN’ TIME!!!”

Our goal is to provide Elementary, Middle and High School students with fun interactive education in dance and music so that they may reach competent, proficient and distinguished levels of achievement and enjoy the process.

Here’s how we do it:
Easy one-step at a time process of understanding the fundamentals of dance, i.e. your body and how to move it, the music and how to use it, and the others you are dancing with.

We can provide theme base education in several areas such as Participation Dances, Line Dancing, Latin, Folk, Country, Swing and Ballroom dancing. Our classes can be tailored to be presented in 1-hour, 1-day or 1-week sessions. Each session includes a performance segment where the students get to watch us dance!

Students of all ages enjoy our program while learning poise, grace, dance etiquette, confidence, self esteem, respect, and appropriate touch.

Please contact us today to enjoy DANCIN’ TIME as part of your school’s Arts in Education Experience.

You can visit us at the Arts and Enrichment Capital Region BOCES
Online Location

Click on Visitors in the upper left hand corner and look for DANCIN’ TIME under Art Form: Dance, Program type: Performance, Residency, Workshop,
Program Theme: Contemporary Social Partner Dancing


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