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Video Dance Lessons! DVD & Book Dance Instruction

Please enjoy these dance video clips!
Dancing is great fun and exercise! These videos will get you started today. They are free, easy to understand and you can share them with your friends.

  West Coast Swing Hustle Rumba
  East Coast Swing Waltz Argentine Tango
  Lindy Hop Fox Trot Cha Cha
  Salsa Merengue Night Club Two-Step
  Country Two-Step Line Dancing Israeli Folk Dancing
Waltz Video
Fox Trot Watch Video
Rumba Watch Video
West Coast Swing Watch Video
Salsa Watch Video
West Coast Swing  
Pattern 1 - Sugar Push/Push break Guy Girl
West Coast Swing Sugar Push Connections Watch Video
Left side pass Girls
Starter Step Watch Video
Opposite Anchor and Kick Ball Change in Nightclub Video
Starter Step and Turnaround in Nightclub Video
Continuous Whip Video
Crossing slot triple with free spin exit Video
Crossing slot triples barrel roll exit Video
Pivot Whip Video
Basket Whip to Double Outside Turn Video
Dance Foundations Video
Hustle Demonstration Watch Video
Hustle Basic Step Review Watch Video
Change places to Sliding doors Video
2.5 Free spin to Closed : Adirondack USABDA 12-14-04 Video
Change places to Skaters side by side with spin: Berkshire USABDA 1-16-05 Video
Skater to inside turn, open to traveling inside turn: Berk. USABDA 1-16-05 Video
East Coast Swing  
Basic, Inside Turn, Outside Turn, Link : Berkshire South 1-14-05 Video
Inside Turn, Outside Turn, Link, Struts Forward : Berkshire South 1-14-05 Video
Watch Video
Lindy Circle, Lindy Turn
Lindy Footwork Level 1; Ronday, Swivel Watch Video
Intro to Waltz Watch Video
Ladies basic Waltz steps Watch Video
Basic Waltz Progressive Step Watch video
Waltz Promenade step Watch video
Country Two Step  
Basic Step Video
Double Outside Turn Video
Grapevine Video
Heel Turns Video
Weave Video
Wrap Video
Cha cha  
Cha Cha Basics Video
Cha Cha Back Rock Video

Looking for more great dance videos on DVD?


 TEL: 518-542-4272